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Crossings Community Church’s CareSeries Online is a virtual support group using a biblically-based curriculum that helps individuals better understand and respond to their current life stressors. Please be advised that Crossings Community Church’s CareSeries Online is not therapy, nor is it in any way intended to provide substitute for therapy. With few exceptions, our facilitators are lay volunteers, not professional counselors. If at any time a participant feels a need for professional counseling services, the LifeCare Ministry office is available to assist in providing a referral to a community mental health resource.

Any and all information offered by participants will be treated with respect and sensitivity. A strict commitment to group confidentiality is essential for on-going participation, by each group member, during and following their Crossings Community Church’s CareSeries Online.

Please be informed that both ethical and legally mandated exceptions do apply to group material and participant disclosure, and may be shared within the leadership of the Crossings Community Church’s CareSeries Online, for the benefit of both group process and individual benefit. Further, please be aware that to ensure the health and safety of individuals, Oklahoma law stipulates a “Duty to Report” and/or “Duty to Protect”. To ensure the safety of any individual observed liable for “self-harm” or “other-harm”, an appropriate response will need to be taken. Please be informed that the leadership of Crossings Community Church’s CareSeries Online will comply fully with those mandates.

Please be informed that no Crossings Community Church’s CareSeries Online offering is intended to meet criteria for any civil, legal or court-ordered requirement and/or certification. Because of this expressed policy, Crossings Community Church does not/nor will not, provide verification of enrollment, documentation of attendance, nor interrogatives regarding an individual’s participation.

expressly release and hold harmless Crossings Community Church, its employees, and all other persons working with the church on its behalf, from all liability, loss, damage, claims, or actions for injuries, damages or judgments of any kind which may arise in connections with Crossings Community Church’s CareSeries Online program.

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